Our Info :

12 Ericsson Ave.

Betterton , Maryland 21610.



Tom P.

Chestertown , MD.

"Wow! Finally got to Barbara's new place in Betterton. So many friends have been talking about nice it was and the great meal they had there in Betterton. Coming up from Chestertown was well worth the 15 minute ride in the country. I had to have the Aberdeen Rumble that was everything I heard! My wife and friend each had the scallop special, and they were done perfectly. We saw so many friends there last night, we didn't want to leave!"

Christine M.

​Philadelphia,  PA

What a nice surprise! We boated here for a quick lunch. The menu offerings were fun and interesting along with Maryland mainstays. The bloody Mary's were delicious and the beer selection was impressive.

Elyse K.

"If you ever get down to Betterton Maryland you'd better stop in to this place. Great food, great service and the owner and head chef is fabulous. Bobby Flay should be proud to have worked with Barbara. I can't wait to go back."

Joan L.

"We had Barbara serve us lunch for a group of old friends. She couldn't have been more accommodating, the food was EXCELLENT and you can't ask for a better location overlooking water and the beach. If you like steak, you will love the flank steak sandwhich."